The Physical Environment

The Physical Environment – Contents

Chapter 1: Essentials of Geography

Chapter 2:  The Earth System 

Chapter 3: The Atmosphere 

Chapter 4:  Energy and Radiation

 Chapter 5:   Atmospheric Temperature  

Chapter 6: Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulation  

Chapter 8: Weather Systems

Chapter 9:   Climate Systems 

Chapter 10:   The Hydrosphere 

  Chapter 11:   Soil Systems   

Chapter 12:  Biogeography of the Earth

Chapter 13:  Earth Biomes  

  • Focus on The Physical Environment:
    In Development
  • Connections: Monitoring Monarchs” NPR (2013) Talk of the Nation report on how habitat loss in Mexico and Milkweed decline in US spells disaster for Monarch butterflies.
  • How To: In development
  • World of ChangeAmazon Deforestation
  • Review & Resources 

Chapter 14:  Earth Materials and Structure

Chapter 15: Tectonics and Landforms

Chapter 16:  Volcanic Processes and Landforms 

Chapter 17:   Weathering, Erosion, and Mass

Chapter 18:  Fluvial Systems 

Chapter 19:  Glacial Systems

  • Focus on The Physical Environment:Gifts of the Glaciers” Sea Grant Institute
  • Connections:Peeking into Permafrost” (USGS)The USGS wants to investigate what’s causing Alaska’s North Slope bluffs to erode so quickly. Video Icon 
  • How To: In development
  • Active Learning:  Exploring Glacial Features Video Icon
  • Virtual Field Trip: North Cascade Glacier Climate Project– Explore various glacier’s “Changes Through Time
  • Review & Resources

Chapter 20: Eolian Systems 

Chapter 21:  Ocean and Coastal Systems