The Physical Environment
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Earth Biomes

Earth Biomes


Use the links below to review and assess your learning. Start with the "Important Terms and Concepts" to ensure you know the terminology related to the topic of the chapter and concepts discussed. Move on to the "Review Questions" to answer critical thinking questions about concepts and processes discussed in the chapter. Finally, test your overall understanding by taking the "Self-assessment quiz".

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Additional Resources

Use these resources to further explore the world of geography


video icon "Hot Times in Alaska" Scientific American Frontiers. This episode investigates the impact of climate change on Alaska's ecosystems.

audio icon  World's Biggest Tiger Preserve - NPR/National Geographic Radio Expeditions visits The Hukawng Valley in Myanmar where an entire valley nearly the size of Vermont is being set aside as a tiger reserve.

audio icon "The Birds of the Boreal" NPR/National Geographic Radio Expeditions

audio icon "The Last American rain forest" - Morning Edition (NPR) segment from Oct. 22, 1998 reports on the last great temperate rain forest in America, Alaska's Tsongass National Forest. (8:36) (RealAudio Required)


readings icon Grassland Initiative (NASA EOS)

Web Sites

web site icon Wild World: Terrestrial Ecoregions (NGS/WWF) - rich resource for information about global ecosystems. Organized by biogeographical realm.


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