The Physical Environment
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Weather Systems

Weather Systems

ReviewMammatus clouds.

Use the links below to review and assess your learning. Start with the "Important Terms and Concepts" to ensure you know the terminology related to the topic of the chapter and concepts discussed. Move on to the "Review Questions" to answer critical thinking questions about concepts and processes discussed in the chapter. Finally, test your overall understanding by taking the "Self-assessment quiz".

Additional Resources


 video icon "Super Twisters"  (National Geographic)

video icon "Tracking Hurricanes" (PBS) The News Hour with Jim Lehrer Oct. 1, 2003 "For years, scientists have worked to develop powerful new tools to predict the paths of hurricanes and monitor their likely impact. Betty Ann Bowser reports on the latest technologies meteorologists are using to keep tabs on these devastating storms and what new tools are being developed." 

 video icon "Hunting Killer Storms: Flying into the Eye of Isabel WGBH Forum Network Mish Michaels, meteorologist, WBZ-TV4 talks about her adventures chasing tornadoes, flying into hurricanes and trekking to Mt. Washington during the winter.

audio icon "Tornado Sound " (NPR) Weekend Edition May 18, 2003
"Host Liane Hansen speaks with physicist Al Bedard, who studies the sounds of tornadoes at the Environmental Technology Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

video icon " Looking at Hurricanes" (NASA/GSFC) Explore the "latest" technology for observing hurricanes.

[video icon "Storm that Drowned a City" from NOVA for an in depth look at Hurricane Katrina's impact on New Orleans, LA.]



readings icon Tornadoes....Nature's Most Violent Storms


Weather Map Viewer (M. Ritter) - Current weather map slide show.

  "How hurricanes form" (CNN)

 Web Sites

web site icon National Weather Service

web site icon NWS National Severe Storms Lab

web site icon NWS National Hurricane Center



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