The Physical Environment
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Fluvial Systems

Fluvial Systems

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Use the links below to review and assess your learning. Start with the "Important Terms and Concepts" to ensure you know the terminology related to the topic of the chapter and concepts discussed. Move on to the "Review Questions" to answer critical thinking questions about concepts and processes discussed in the chapter. Finally, test your overall understanding by taking the "Self-assessment quiz".

Additional Resources

Use these resources to further explore the world of geography


video icon "Running Water I: Rivers, Erosion and Deposition" (Annenberg/CPB:) Earth Revealed "Rivers are the most common land feature on Earth and play a vital role in the sculpting of land. This program shows landscapes formed by rivers, the various types of rivers, the basic parts of a river, and how characteristics of rivers their slope, channel, and discharge erode and build the surrounding terrain. Aspects of flooding are also discussed." Go to the Earth Revealed site and scroll to "Running Water I: Rivers, Erosion and Deposition". One-time, free registration may be required to view film.

video icon "Running Water II: Landform Evolution" (Annenberg/CPB) Earth Revealed "The Colorado River is a powerful geologic agent powerful enough to have carved the Grand Canyon. This program focuses on how such carving takes place over time, looking at erosion and deposition processes as they relate to river characteristics and type of rock. The evolution of rivers is covered, along with efforts to prevent harmful consequences to humans." Go to the Earth Revealed site and scroll to "Running Water II: Landform Evolution". One-time, free registration may be required to view film.

video icon "Work of Rivers" (National Archives/Google) 1935 video by the Department of Interior. Interesting from a historical perspective on geomorphic theory  (eg. Davisian theory) at the time.

audioicon Three Gorges" In this July 8, 2002 segment of All Things Considered NPR's Rob Gifford reports from the Yangtze River in central China as the Three Goreges Dam was nearing completion. (Real Media)


readings icon Flood: Using Satellites to keep our Head Above Water (NASA EOS)

Web Sites

Water Resources of the United States (USGS)



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