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Essentials of Geography

Essentials of Geography
Self-Assessment Quiz


1. A small scale map

might have a representative fraction of 1:24000
shows a small portion of the earth's surface
makes features look large
none of the above

2. Live vegetation appears _____ on a false-color infra-red image.


3. Which of the following incorporates the smallest land area?

A township
A range
A section
All are equal area

4. If you were half way between the equator and the north pole and one quarter of the way around the earth west of the prime meridian you will be at:

45 N; 90 W
45 N; 180 W
45 N; 90 E
45 N; 180 E

5. Which of the following is not a model?

a globe
a physical equation
a weather forecasting program
all the above are models

6. Which of the following tells us more about the temperature extremes of a climate?

the average annual temperature
the range of annual temperature
a correlation statistic 
they all will give us the same information

7. Which of the following types of maps is used to show the distribution of world soils?

a topographic map
a relief map
a thematic map
any of the above

8. Lines of latitude

converge at the poles
are measured north or south of the prime meridian
are parallel to each other
all the above

9. Lines connecting points of equal elevation are called

topographic lines
elevation lines
contour lines

10. You measured 5.5 inches between two points on a 1:24000 scale map. The actual distance in miles is:



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