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Volcanic Landforms

Volcanic Landforms
Self-Assessment Quiz

1. Volcanoes are found

along the midocean ridge
near subduction zones
hot spots (mantle plumes)
all of the above

2. A volcano built by alternating flows of lava and accumulation of pyroclastics is called 

a shield volcano
a cinder cones
a composite volcano (stratovolcano)
any of the above

3. A caldera

is a lateral vent on the side of a volcano
a huge crater at the top of the volcano
a tube where lava pours into the ocean
none of the above

4. The oldest island in the Hawaiian chain is located towards the ______ end of the chain.


5. The volcanoes that comprise the Hawaiian Islands are 

shield volcanoes
composite volcanoes
cinder cones
none of the above

6. Shield volcanoes

are associated with effusive eruptions
have very steep sides
mostly emit pyroclastic material from their central vent
are associated with all the above

7. ______ are mudflows due to rapid melting of snow packs along the sides of snow covered mountains.

Pyroclastic avalanche

8. Devil's Tower is a 

lava plateau
a landing site for alien spacecraft
volcanic neck

9. A lava that has a glistening, ropy-like appearance associated with effusive eruptions is known as

Nuees Ardentees
Pu' u' O'o

10. The Columbia River Plateau is was built from

none of the above



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