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Climate systems

Climate Systems
Self-Assessment Quiz

1. The largest temperature range is found in the 

Subarctic climate
Ice cap climate
Tundra Climate
none of the above

2. Which of the following climates is dominated by mTu through much of the year?

Humid subtropical
Humid continental
Dry summer subtropical
Tropical steppe

3. If location's annual potential evapotranspiration is greater than half the annual precipitation you would classify the climate as a

dry summer subtropical
tropical desert
tropical steppe
tropical monsoon

4. Desert climates  

are typically found in rain shadow locations
dominated by high pressure
have large daily temperature ranges
all the above

5. The highest monthly temperature occurs ______ in the tropical monsoon climate.

just before the wet season
just after the wet season
during the low sun season
none of the above

6. The polar front dominates the _____ climate during most of the year.

dry summer subtropical
humid continental
humid subtropical

7. Which of the following climates lacks seasonal precipitation?

Tropical rain forest
Tropical Wet/Dry
Tropical Steppe

8. The precipitation that falls in the marine west coast climate of North America is primarily caused by

cyclones and orographic uplift
convection and orographic uplift
convection and cyclones

9. Which climate borders the Mediterranean Sea?

Humid Continental
Humid Subtropical
Tropical Monsoon
Dry Summer Subtropical

10. The precipitation along the equatorward margins of the humid subtropical climate 

tends to be evenly distributed throughout the year
tends to fall mostly in the summer
tends to fall mostly in the winter
none of the above


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