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Earth Biomes

Subtropical Evergreen Forest

There are two variants of the subtropical evergreen forest, the broadleaf evergreen and needle leaf subtropical forest. The subtropical broadleaf evergreen forest is found in New Zealand, southeastern Australia, and Southern Chile. Here, mild maritime air masses keep conditions moist enough to suppress any summer drought and provide temperatures warm enough to prevent a threat of frost. Small pockets of  broadleaf evergreen species like evergreen oak and magnolia, are found in the United States in Florida and along the Gulf Coast.

The subtropical needle leaf forest is found as a southern pine forest in the southeastern United States. The forest has developed on the sandy deposits along the fringe of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. 

evergreen_forest_detwyler.jpg (14660 bytes)

Figure 13.10 Broadleaf evergreen forest,  New Zealand's South Island.
(Photo credit: T. Detwyler)


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